Supporting our community through local projects

The New Milton Town Partnership is a registered charity which has been in existence since 2004. It was formed as a result of the Town Plan to work on thirty community projects which had been identified to improve the future economy and vibrancy of the town.

The initial programme of activities has been successfully completed and new opportunities for the community are constantly being identified and developed. Where appropriate we work in partnership with other local organisations to manage and deliver new ventures and proposals. We welcome suggestions, new ideas and members to the Partnership. 

The Executive Committee is made up of volunteers who bring a wide range of skills, expertise and local knowledge to the Partnership, by working together to improve people's lives, help develop our young people, tackle issues of deprivation, and promote and enhance New Milton through its environment and heritage in order to ensure a strong and successful future for the town. 

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Car Boot Sales 2018

Dates for New Milton's car boot sales for Summer 2018 are now available on this website.

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