New Milton Play and Youth Forum



Play & Youth Forum

This group was formed by the Partnership as a result of the Town Plan in 2004 and has been meeting regularly ever since.

The membership is open to any person or group who provide activities or have an interest in the welfare of children and young people within the town or area.

We meet at approximately six-weekly intervals and have in the past formed working groups to address specific needs within the town. For example, when the recreation ground was subject to a Police dispersal order to prevent anti-social behaviour occurring, we formed a group to apply for funding for a detached youth worker to work on the recreation ground. We subsequently supported the ASBOC group to establish the youth café(ESK) on the recreation ground.

When there were problems at Ashley, we supported the Forest Bus to go and work there to prevent anti-social behaviour. As a result of all this collaborative work, the dispersal order was lifted in New Milton, there has been no recurrence of the problems in Ashley, the ASBOC group are running targeted youth groups in the town and, according to the police at our last meeting, there is very little anti-social behaviour in the town.

We liaise with the Police, local schools, Youth groups, Forest Arts, sports clubs, town council, NFDC, CODA and others who promote services for young people to try to ensure that local children and young people are supported.

Recently we have undertaken to survey local young people on their opinions about New Milton and how it could be improved. Following the consultation, a project has been developed by Forest Arts for a Young Roots heritage project to explore the history of the recreation ground and develop an archive for the town.

This project we hope will launch in May 2017 and continue in various forms for a year culminating in a series of exhibitions, performances and displays in summer 2018.

The group is an important forum for organisations to liaise with one another and co-ordinate their activities for young people in the town.

If you're interested in joining the forum, or would like more information, please use our Contact us form to get in touch.